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Reclaim your time

The company should plan the digitization process to reduce routine affairs, optimize time and human capital

Your crazy idea can be the best one

We at Aisitec respect and encourage the creativity of our customers. Don't be afraid to share your crazy ideas with us. Let’s talk, weigh, plan and implement!

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For Companies

Make it digital

Documents and Contracts

Electronic Signatures and approval processes

Employee Data



Report and Analytic


And other boring things

For Employees

Employees know better

When to go on vacation

What training do they want

When to request a salary increase

Manage working calendar and timesheet

See all own signing process


Let them do it by itself


Development is never stopped

Customer features on request

Integration as you need


Customers' voice matters

Hosted Enywere

Provided by Aisitec

as a cloud service

Can be developed 

In Your AWS Account

In your data center


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